Friday, February 27, 2009

Ringing, by Rauan Klassnik

I'm very pleased to announce Kitchen Press' first ever venture into online publishing, Ringing, by Rauan Klassnik.

Click this post for a downloadable pdf of Ringing, as well as a flash version illustrated Rauan himself. There is also a section for comments. We encourage you to not only comment and discuss the poems and collection as a whole, but the site itself--everything from thoughts on the experience of reading the chap in the format it's in to more technical concerns about the functionality of the site, problems viewing it, navigability, etc.

From the book:

Like ships leaning together licking each other’s shoulders, we fall down and dig at the earth. Fervently. Like jackals. Fire’s leaping from hill to hill, and my nerves are swaying like seaweed. I have learned to die. And not to. My veins are filled with milk 11

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